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Colocated Server Pricing
Setup $250
Monthly :: 1st Server $450
Monthly :: Additional Servers $300
Includes: Bandwidth (400 Gb) , 32 Dedicated IP Addresses , Automated 24/7/365 Server Monitoring , Uninterruptable Power Supply , and Secondary DNS Server
Add-ons: E-mail Accounts , Databases , Mailing Lists , Backup to Shared Server , Online Shopping & Product Catalog , and PCI Scans
Please note that additional servers do not include any additional bandwidth or IP addresses. These can, however, be purchased separately if desired.

Going Colo

In a colocated server solution, you run the show. The server is yours and you can install the hardware and software that you need to host your sites. By locating the server in one of our server rooms, you gain the robustness of the network and Internet connectivity while maintaining full control over your server.

Our colocated server solutions are managed, meaning we will perform routine maintenance on the server such as installing operating system updates and security updates related to IIS. You will have access to the server via Remote Desktop and FTP.

In the end, you get all the benefits of server independence without the hassle of maintaining your own server. Additionally, you can leverage's long experience in server deployment and administration to ensure the reliability and performance of your web sites.

Need help choosing the hardware?

Yet another option is to take advantage of our unique position as a computer hardware and software reseller and to purchase the server, operating system and applications outright from us. You would then gain the benefit of our hardware, warranties, and expertise in helping you build your server but would then, as part of our server co location solution, have complete control over the server and the applications you install on it.'s Responsibilities provides the network connection, network addresses, and power (including a battery backup and generator). is responsible for the network connection up to the outside of the network card. You are responsible for maintaining the server, including any and all updates to the software, hardware, etc.'s parent company, a computer wholesaler and retailer, maintains the region's largest inventory of computer hardware. As such, can leverage this to troubleshoot and repair your servers should the need arise. All work will be done at our standard, in-store rates. makes no guarantee that the services provided by your server will be available during the duration of time it takes test and repair your system.

We recommend that you install and configure remote desktop on the server so that you can administer the server remotely.

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