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Friday, September 17, 2010 recently launched the newly redesigned web site for the New Hampshire Dental Hygiene Association. NHDHA was established in 1945 and has evolved over the years to become the largest professional organization representing over 1500 dental hygienists in the state of New Hampshire.

The new web site presents information on news, membership, events and continuing education opportunities pertaining to the Association. The site also contains information about the organization, partners, and how to support and contact the organization. Also from the web site you can join their free Email Mailing list, join the NHDHA/ADHA organizations, find Student Member resources, and find them on Facebook. collaborated on this recent project with Lexian Management Associates, and it is a great example of being able to create, develop and produce a web site for remote clients. Both NHDHA and Lexian Management Associates are New Hampshire based organizations, and all communication for the project was handled via email and phone.

Event and Continuing Education information on the web site is maintained and kept current by Lexian using an Administrative login area of the site. The Administrative area is designed to input upcoming events along with a registration link, which are in turn displayed on the web site. The web site home page is designed to automatically display the next upcoming Event, keeping information fresh and current.

We would like to thank Lexian Management Associates for all their help and efforts in collaborating on this project, and congratulate the New Hampshire American Dental Hygienist Association on their new web site! :: 721 Main Street :: Harwich, MA 02645 :: is a division of Cape Cod Computer, Inc.
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